Welcome to Karma House Co’s “Tea with Mari”

Karma House Co & “Tea with Mari”

“Tea with Mari” is my new community program that will be offered at the Coomera Community Centre every Friday morning during school terms. 

We will cover various fun topics in the health & wellness field while meeting new people and having fun.

Friday the 18th of May

We had our first ever “Tea with Mari” on Friday the 18th of May and it was a huge success.                                                                                                    

Our first “Tea with Mari”

We didn’t have a formal topic for the first meeting, it was just a meet and greet.  Nine lovely ladies of all different age groups joined me for tea. We enjoyed tea, coffee and cupcakes while making new friends! We could not stop talking and I sadly had to put a stop to all the fun once our allocated time in the room came to an end.  Hopefully next Friday we will have even more ladies that will join us.  

Our Table setting for “Tea with Mari” on the 18th.







Friday the 25th of May

On Friday the 25th of May we will meet at Coomera Community Centre and our topic for the morning will be “Tissue Salts”.

We will discuss what tissue salts are, where they come from, what they do and how much we need in our bodies.  This talk will be for about 10 t0 15 minutes and the rest of the morning we will enjoy tea, coffee and bikkies, while getting to know new people and forming friendships. I am so excited to meet even more new ladies and to welcome last weeks ladies back.  Looking forward to Friday! 

See you there,