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Iridology at Karma House Co Pimpama

Of all the diagnostic techniques used in Natural Medicine, Iridology is of a more superior type. By examining the pattern of the Iris in the eye, the condition of the body can be ascertained. Information can be obtained about the state of the organs and tissues of the body. Conventional tests and X-rays are only able to indicate when an organ is damaged, whereas Iridology can denote when an organ is under stress. At Karma House Co we use Iridology to detect energy imbalances and blockages in the different organs of the body.

Iridology, which is pronounced ‘Eye-ridology’, is one of the most amazing of the Natural medical sciences. It allows the trained individual to almost literally “see into” the body.


We will start of your session on our comfortable couch discussing your goals and thoughts around the session while enjoying a warm herbal tea. Once we are clear on our goal for the Iridology session we will move over to the treatment room where you will be made comfortable on our therapy bed. We will then commence the session. Once your session is over you will be given a glass of water to refresh you and we will discuss the session outcome.

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