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Mari has over 18 years worth of experience as therapist, manager, owner, consultant, facilitator and trainer in the health and wellness industry here in Australia and internationally.

She holds diplomas in weight loss, cosmetology, complementary health therapy, specialised holistic massage therapy, spa therapy, spa / salon management & naturology. Her certificates include; personal fitness training, counselling, various international kinesiology certificates, nutrition, Reiki Masters degree.

Due to her interest in weight loss she completed Slender Wonder Weight-loss consultant training and worked with Dr J de Beer to help medically obese clients loose and keep off their unwanted and life threatening weight.

Her interest in the body mind connection to health & wellness has led her to various courses and workshops in the following fields; Anti-drug allience- addiction recovery coach, child abuse and development courses, child psycology, FAMSA self development workshops, Life Line lay counsellor training. All this training and coaching experience helps her to connect and assist her clients in a holistic sense.

Mari has a passion for the health and wellness industry and shares it with students and clients alike.

She has been involved with training for more than 13 years and has owned 4 branches of a International massage and complementary therapy academy overseas. To be able to facilitate classes and exams Mari attended facilitator and moderator training.
Mari has trained staff and consulted for various upmarket spa’s internationally and has owned various sucsessfull salons, clinics and a health and wellness spa at a 5star hotel and resort.

Facilitating classes, workshops, doing public speaking and being in the public eye comes as second nature for her following her involvement in her local community and the local media. She has received the Rotary clubs service above self award in 2004 for her service in her local community.


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Where does Karma House Co Academy come form and why complementary health & massage training?

Our Story
We loved every minute of our journey in Complementary Health and Massage Training

Mari started out as a complementary health & massage student with a dream, but after showing a lot of potential and dedication she was appointed as admin manager and senior lecturer at a branch of a International Massage and Complementary Health Academy overseas.

After the CEO of the Academy experienced some difficulties with the manager of the branch, Mari ended up being appointed as the new manager and after some time was offered the chance to take over the branch as the new franchisee. She eventually owned 4 branches of the academy where she trained hundreds, if not more than a thousand of students in all of their modalities including acupressure, sports massage, aromatherapy, Reiki, reflexology and many more. She also trained some of their own lecturers. They frequently received compliments from her students for her ability to teach, her people skills as well as her broader knowledge of the subjects. Massage training & Complementary health therapy training is a broad and interesting field.

Her students felt so comfortable with her that some even ended up sharing their personal struggles in life, whether being recent or past and with her counselling knowledge and background she was able to assist and relate to them personally and professionally.

She is qualified and able to train students in all of our modalities and have done so for many years. Her knowledge of the modules reaches far beyond what we offer in the courses, which proved valuable to all her students.

She has trained top managers and therapists for various award winning spa’s through her work as facilitator and owner of various branches, both national and internationally. She is capable of developing and implementing new systems and has shown herself as a competent spa consultant and manager throughout the years.

Her own spa was a unique and wonderful experience. It was highly professional with brilliantly trained staff, gym, innovating treatments and a warm and welcoming interior with matching aromas. All achieved by knowledge, hard work and dedication. Complementary Health and Massage Training

Mari has shown herself as a trustworthy hardworking individual, who always strives to better herself through her studies and life experiences.

Massage training & Complementary Health and Wellness Training opens up a whole new world for out students, not just professionally but also personally.

After a few years of working in the industry Mari decided to share her knowledge and open up her own Academy again, this time as Karma House Academy for Complementary health therapies in the Gold Coast Australia.