Complementary Health & Massage Courses

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Practical Courses offered

These practical complementary health and wellness courses are designed to give you maximum practical knowledge and is backed with the theory you need to make you into a professional
◦ Holistic Massage Course
Indian Head Massage
◦ Hot Stone Therapy
◦ Reiki 1,2,3  & Energy Healing
◦ Angel Card Reading
◦ Aromatherapy
◦ Crystal Therapy
◦ Colour Therapy
◦ Kinesiology (muscle testing)

Colour Therapy

Correspondence Certificate Courses

Practical classes are optional to some courses and may be charged an extra fee depending on the program

◦ Anatomy & Physiology
◦ Nutrition
◦ Sports Nutrition
◦ Counselling
◦ Advanced Herbalism
◦ Herbalism
◦ Aromatherapy
◦ Flower Essences & Remedies
◦ Iridology
◦ Psychic Development
◦ Colour Therapy
◦ Crystal Healing
◦ Dream Analysis
◦ Business skills
◦ Child Psychology
◦ Regression Therapy

Specialised Diploma Courses Offered 

Our Specialised Diploma courses are designed to make you a expert in the field, we include fundamental core subject into the course to give you a wide knowledge of the body and different wellness therapies. Students whom complete a specialised course gain associated membership with our academy.

KHA Diploma of Naturology

Specialised Course in Natural Therapy                                                                                                                                                                                                           Includes 13 subjects in complementary therapies, Core subjects included:
Anatomy and Physiology, Counselling, Nutrition, Business Skills

KHA  Diploma of Complementary Therapy

Specialised Course in Complementary Therapy
Includes 5 subjects in complementary therapies and 4 core subjects, Anatomy and Physiology, Counselling, Nutrition, Business Skills

KHA  Diploma of Health Spa Therapies

Specialised Course in Health Spa Therapies
Includes core subjects: Counselling, Nutrition, Business Skills, Anatomy and Physiology and 5 Spa Therapies

KHA  Diploma of Massage

Specialised Course in Massage
Includes core subjects; Nutrition, Business Skills, Anatomy & Physiology, Counselling and 3 massage modules

KHA Diploma of Energy Healing

Specialised Course in Energy Healing
Includes Counselling as core subject and 5 energy healing modules

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