Practical Training Courses

Karma House Academy offer the following practical training courses:

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Reflexology $1250


Reflexology Course

A science based on the belief that there are reflexes in the hands and feet, which are connected to every organ, gland, and part of the body.  When these reflexes are stimulated, it promotes blood flow to every part of the body, promoting healing, pain relief, and relaxation.  An age-old therapy still practiced today. We focus on the feet and learn how to relax our  client during the treatment.

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage Course 

Massage is one of the oldest treatments used to maintain health, treat people who suffer from pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints, decrease stress levels, and promote healing.  Massage is commonly used to introduce general relaxation, thus enhancing the body’s healing ability.  It also has great psychological benefits, i.e. the emotional need for touch and releasing built-up emotions.

The course includes the practical aspects of Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Lymph Drainage, and Aromatherapy.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage Course

This is a unique massage treatment which covers the face, neck, upper shoulder area, and of course, the head.  It relieves the symptoms of stress, increases blood circulation, promotes hair growth, and relieves headaches, sinusitis, and insomnia.  It is currently one of the most popular forms of massage and can be performed at various venues.

Hot Stone Therapy
Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy Course

A massage and placing treatment using Hot Stones for relaxation and other health benefits.


Reiki 1, 2 & Advanced Energy Work

Reiki is a complementary therapy and a method of natural healing which is centered upon universal life energy.  Those who use Reiki often find themselves more joyful, lively, and their own inbuilt energy enhanced.  Reiki creates a feeling of deep relaxation and greatly enhances the body’s healing ability.

Includes Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Advanced, Psychic development, Seeing Auras, Intuitive Healing, Spiritual causes of illness and much more.

Reiki Masters training is available separately

Crystal Healing/Therapy
Crystal Healing/Therapy

Crystal Therapy

This professional course in Crystal Therapy has been written with the aim of ensuring that the Student develops their own healing potential and metaphysical properties. Students will also learn the application in terms of healing, and also the recognition of crystals and their uses.

Colour Therapy
Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy helps people understand their needs for certain colours and shows them how to use these colours for health, healing, inspiration, relaxation, and protection.  A Colour Therapist can use colour to balance energy, aid creativity, and alleviate physical, emotional, and mental conditions.  Colour has a definite effect on mood, behaviour, and well-being.

Flower Essences
Flower Remedies & Essences

Flower Essences and Remedies

These remedies are all prepared from wild flowers, plants and trees, forming the basis of this holistic treatment for both physical and psychological disorders of all kinds. “Heal thyself” is the very essence of the Flower Remedy philosophy. The holistic approach to health, disease and healing is based on the concept of “Perfect Unity” of all things.



Kinesiology is a system of natural health care, it combines simple muscle testing and energy balancing giving you access to the body function and inner energy.  It uses gentle and effective healing techniques to improve emotional and physical health.  It is useful to overcome all sorts of allergy problems and is also very effective in alleviating anxiety and physical and emotional symptoms.