Student Testimonials

This letter serves to confirm that Mari taught me at HMA International between June 2011 and November 2012

Mari taught me the following subjects; Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy, Advanced Sports Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology.

Since my first enquiry I sent to Mari to the time I completed my courses with her I found her very efficient, highly motivating, disciplined and passionate about what she does.

Her vast knowledge and experience of teaching a very wide range of different healing modalities made learning from her highly stimulating and ultimately beneficial. She always naturally added and explained course content well beyond what was just in the manual, giving me a much fuller understanding and appreciation for what I had signed up for.

I also found her extra-curricular support invaluable. She was always so open and willing to offer advice and resources, based on her many years of running her own successful business; with regards to how to actually take what she was teaching and turn it into a sustainable career and business.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mari as a highly skilled trainer, coach and business manager/entrepreneur.

Kind Regards,

Jenny B

Jenny B :Wellness Facilitator –

Sports Massage l Deep Tissue Release I Holistic Massage l Breathwork

– Jenny B, Wellness Facilitator –

As a qualified homeopathic doctor with an interest in furthering my skills and knowledge in the field of alternative therapies, I contacted Mari at her branch of HMA International, a professional and recognised training institute for tuition in level 3 Reiki and acupressure. She was friendly and out going, always willing to share her vast knowledge of therapies. Her enthusiasm for the industry led to an opportunity for her to operate the 5-star Lake Pleasant Spa. Under her guidance, the spa offered an array of exotic holistic therapies as well as conventional health and beauty treatments that I had the pleasure of experiencing. Her therapists were always professional, well-trained and the spa facilities were kept immaculately clean and beautifully presented.

Our shared interest later blossomed into the collaboration and development of health retreats at the spa. I have come to know Mari both in a personal and professional capacity and feel privileged to offer my recommendation of her as a confident, innovative, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and competent person who would enrich any establishment for which she works. Having managed and run my own 5-star spa, I believe I understand the qualities required for this section of the industry and would not hesitate in recommending Mari.

With Regards,

Dr Geraldine R

– Dr Geraldine R

Registered Homeopath-


* A Testimony for Mari *
Though I’ve only had one other massage in the last ten years, I previously had many. My ex-wife is a reflexologist and aromatherapy massage therapist so I’ve learned a lot about massage and its various forms. So, armed with much experience and knowledge of massage, I can categorically state – on this rock I stand – that the massage I received from Mari is the best I have ever had.
I know she included Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, foot scrub (delicious!) and several other techniques.
She managed to eliminate many of my painful spots and the effect of the massage stayed with me for well over 24 hours.
I’d thoroughly recommend a massage from Mari … do it now!

Philip Bradbury
Writer, coach and publisher-